Because Sex Is a Story, & Sex Is a Song
7x7 LA, 2016

Because not his America.

Articulated Short Story Anthology, Tayen Lane Publishing, 2016

Whenever we tried to speak, we made only more noise.

How Crass to Hope Aloud
Day One / StoryFront, 2014

Plans were announced to raze the Jewish cemetery and build a playground in its place.

Two Sisters
The Collagist, 2012

Two sisters, walking down the street, crying, run into two sisters, walking down the street, laughing.

Cabbage Mother
Salt Hill, 2012

Here she is. Twenty leaves wrapped around a rotten center.

Essy, stepping into the water
Ninth Letter, 2011
Notable Nonrequired Reading, Best American series 2012

Everything innocent, whizzing by.