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Interviews & Conversation

"Dogs, Redheads, and Concoctions," an interview with The Collagist, 2018

Conversation with The Kenyon Review, 2016

"Ship of Words," with The Cornellian at Cornell College, 2015

"And So Must Cry in Public," an interview with The Collagist, 2013

Interview with Alison Bechdel in Little Village: "On Queerness, Fame, and Celebrity," 2016

Interviews with Eula Biss and Richard Kostelanetz in We Might As Well Call It the Lyric Essay, 2014

Conversation I facilitated for StoryCorps, 2011


"Why We Chose It"

The Kenyon Review on "On Not Eating the Marshmallow"

"Odessa, Uncovered"

AP images and text for Fake Newsroom with Nicholas Muellner.

"What Happened on June 21"

A collaborative project at Essay Daily and my first visit to Trader Joe's in more than ten years.

Eat Like Helen
- or - How to Cook Dinner While You're in the Shower, Using Only a Pan and One Utensil

Incomplete manifesto for my friends.